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Matt and Jozi, shearing an alpaca

Matt and Jozi, shearing an alpaca

Matt and Jozi have a combined total of more than 60 years shearing and handling fiber-producing animals. We have shorn thousands of alpacas and llamas since 1998. If you are serious about your fiber harvest, need shearers who care about animals, and can shear off show-ready fleeces, Best Alpaca Shearing is for you. We work with fiber sorters, can handle special situations, and present composite-show quality looking animals.

We’ve shorn alpacas coast to coast in America and in Australia and Peru! Your satisfaction is our mission. Our experience is your guarantee.  # Done Right

We are proud to work for many of the top breeders in the alpaca industry. These farms trust their animals and reputation fiber to us. Contact us today to join the ranks of these elite breeders:

  • Cas-Cad-Nac Farm, Ian and Jennifer Lutz, Perkinsville, VT
  • Little Creek Farm, Lynn Edens, North Salem, NY
  • Seven Springs Alpacas, Dr. Dwight and Deborah Bailey, Lebanon, VA
  • Golden Spirit Alpacas, Frank and Brenda Crum, Odessa, FL
  • Majestic Meadows Alpaca, Jeff and Faye Farley, Medina, OH
  • Good Time Ridge Alpaca, Harald and Cheri Seiler, Augusta, WVA
  • Island Alpaca, Barbara Ronchetti, Oak Bluff, MA
  • Great Rock Alpacas, Jack and Kate Lathrop, Barre, MA
  • Copper Star Alpacas, Barbara and Joe Crocco, Millerton, NY
  • Longneckers Alpaca Ranch, Chuck and Marlene Presser, Lake Stevens, WA
  • Maple View Alpacas, Ed and Deb Bratton, Brandon, VT   (co-owners of Vermont Fiber Mill and Studio with Cas-Cad-Nac Farm)
  • Golden Touch Alpacas, Chris and Shelly Riley, Westport. MA  (also owner/operators of the New England Alpaca Fiber Pool NEAFP)
  • Ariya Alpacas, Janette Archambault and Gerald Perron, Bolton, Quebec

In addition to alpacas and llamas, we have experience handling all species of livestock. Jozi has worked with sheep in Canada, England, New Zealand, Australia and Argentina.

Our professional services include:

Shearing: We shear alpacas (both annual and summer crias), Llamas, Sheep, and Goats.

Shearing Seminars

Herd Management Help, which includes consulting, troubleshooting; on-farm clinics, on-farm work days; birthing, general care, nutrition, condition scoring; handling and training techniques, facility design and improvement; as well as private transporting.

Our professional shearing products include the popular Top Gun restraint ropes. We are also home of the BesTunis, champion Tunis sheep.