Pro series Shearing Restraints

proropes Best Alpaca Shearing presents the Pro series shearing restraints. Featuring quality materials and professional design like our popular Top Gun Restraints, the Pro series is the next step in safe, stress free animal restraint for herd health care and fiber harvest. The hardwood spreader keeps the alpacas legs in optimal position: straight, level, and a natural body width apart. Clean shear or show style shaping done quickly and easily with the Pro series shearing restraints.

proropes1The Pro series shearing restraints share these quality features with the Top Gun Shearing Restraints:

  • Designed by professional shearers for ease of use, durability and value.
  • Infinitely adjustable to suit any application.
  • Top grade marine-style hardware and blocks (pulleys).
  • Stretch and abrasion resistant 7/16 double-braided polyester sailing rope for strength.
  • Three to one mechanical advantage makes restraint quick and secure.
  • Comes complete with carabiner and sewn leg loops.
  • Can be used for shearing, herd health or anytime restraint is helpful.